Sandra McAulay and iPads

The guest speaker for this week was Sandra McAualy, who discussed the integration of technology into classrooms. Her focus was on how to use technology (iPads) to help students both access and demonstrate their learning.

I really like the ideas she presented of using iPads in the classroom not only to keep classrooms up with the technological age we live in, but also as a means to promote inclusive education. It wasn’t so much that this was an “AHA!” moment for me, as I had used technology such as iPads over my first practicum for students with exceptionalities, but Sandra really probed my thinking as to other ways this inclusive practice can be accomplished.

I think Sandra’s presentation really compliment Ian Landy’s, on e-portfolios, from earlier in the week. Ian commented on the lack of iPads in schools, and then Sandra came in the following day to discuss iPads in the classroom. In conversion, as well as in her presentation, Sandra brought up the importance of e-portfolios. It was nice to have some natural continuity.

I hope I am fortunate enough to work in an environment that has embraced technology like Sandra’s.

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