Ian Lany and e-Portfolios

Having heard Ian Landy speak to our EDUC 431 class, I learned a new perspective on the importance of e-portfolios. This new perspective shed a lot of light not only on the impacts that can have as a professional communication tool for teachers, but also as a means for students to demonstrate their learning journeys. Perhaps it’s just my own narcissism that only had me thinking of e-portfolios as a means for myself to communicate my learning, but I honestly had not really given any thought as to the applications these tools could have for students communicating their learning as well.

I think this is important for a number of reasons. Any tool that will help a student communicate their learning better than their teaching slapping an arbitrary letter grade on their report card is a win in my books. I really like the idea of these e-portfolios being something that teachers can model for their students as well.

I think the idea of an e-portfolio for a student that extends beyond a single assignment, course, or grade level would be really cool. I think this could look like something that shows growth in all areas over a longer period of time, or even a single, long-term inquiry that would change and grow, as the student did the same. With the flexibility of BC’s curriculum, teachers could make sure that contributions to this long term inquiry adhered to Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies, and Curricular Content.

E-portfolios for future students, as a means to communicate their learning and growth, is something I will definitely keep in mind during my upcoming practicums, as well as my future practice.

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